CNC Internal External End Face Grinding Complex Machine

  • Twin grinding wheel spindles
  • Available to mount with End face grinding head(optional)
  • Max. grinding depth is 150 mm
  • FANUC controller
  • Fully enclosed splash guard
  • X-axis / Z-axis stroke is
    300 mm / 400+100 mm
Massive Machine Structure 
The Ultimate of rigidity and stability
• Linear ways & Ball screws

The X-axis & Z-axis all employ high precision class linear ways and C1 type ball screws to achieve the highest accuracy and rigidity.

• High quality Cast Iron

The structural parts are manufactured from high quality FC30 cast iron, tempered and stress relieved for outstanding machining accuracy and stability.

• Massive Base

The oversized and massive base is rib reinforced according to dynamic principle , resulting in exceptional stability.

• Servomotor Drive

X-axis & Z-axis movements are driven by Seromotor with minimum setting unit of 0.001 mm.

Single grinding spindle + Turning spindle assembly
End face grinding head

• The end face grinding head moved is driven by a hydraulic cylinder, and feed is controlled by a servomotor.

FANUC controller

• Powerful functionality provides various parameter setting for multi-face grinding.
• Max. 16 faces grinding in one setup of workpiece.

Touch-Sensing Screen

• It's used for controlling motor current in various grinding conditions.
• Also with sensing grinding function.

Working Capacity
Grinding dia. range
ø4~ø200 mm
Max. grinding depth
150 mm
Max. swing range of workpiece
ø200 mm
Swing range within the water proof cover
Controller System
Working Head
Spindle speed
0~1000 rpm
X-axis feedrate/stroke
10 M/min / 300 mm
X-axis minimum command unit
0.001 mm
Working head swiveling angle
Working Table   
Y-axis & Z-axis feedrate
Z : 10 M/min
Y-axis & Z-axis max. stroke
Z : 400+100 mm
Y-axis & Z-axis minimum command unit
Z:0.001 mm
Distance from spindle center to the ground
1060 mm
Hydraulic System
Oil Tank Capacity
30 L
Cooling System
Coolant Tank Capacity
150 L
Hydraulic motor
0.75 Kw (1HP)
Coolant pump motor
0.18 Kw (1/4HP)
X-axis & Y-axis & Z-axis servomotor
X : 1.2 Kw / Z : 1.2 Kw
X-axis & Y-axis & Z-axis servomotor
2.2,2P (3HP)
3.0 (4HP)
Spindle motor
2.2,4P (3HP)
Capacity of automation lubrication pump
2 L
Measurement (L*W*H)- with accessories
2500x2300x1700 mm
Machine Weight
3200 kg
Standard accessories
CNC Controller
Inverter for X-axis work piece motor
Inverter for Z-axis work piece motor
Z-axis grinding spindle
Face grinding spindle and built-in spindle
Hydraulic chuck
Hydraulic cylinder
3-coloe pilot lamp
Working lamp
Tool box
Automation lubrication pump
Coolant tank and coolant pump
Paper filter system
Magnetic chips Conveyor
Hydraulic unit with pump
Heat exchanger for electrical cabinet
Diamond Dresser
Foundation bolts and blocks
Mechanical, electrical operation manuals
Semi-enclosed cover