Angular type GA27  

CNC Cylindrical Grinder Angular type GP27 Series

  • Hydrodynamic spindle
  • Rotary center / Fixed center head stock
  • Manual/Hydraulic tailstock
  • CNC control system
  • Grinding cycle
  • Grinding wheel dressing cycle
High Precision,Sturdy & Durable,Waterproof & Dust-proof,Easy Operation
Hydropdynamic spindle

The grinding wheel spindle is made of high-grade alloy steel (SNCM220) by precision machining, including multiple heat treatment, grinding, polishing, ect. for its durability. The spindle is supported by unique hydrodynamic bearing to reach excellent rigidity and shock resistance.(End measuring device is optional)

Rotary center/Fixec center head stock

The simple and stable head stock is equipped with high-precision bearing, which greatly improves the rigidity and rotation precision of the spindle. Excellent waterproof ability enhances the durability of the machine.

Manua/Hydraulic tailstock

The oil-filled type Iubrication system of tailstock consolidates, and ensures the high-precision of tailstock.

CNC control system

It is equipped with advanced CNC controller and form-filling type operation interface, and has editable standard grinding cycle program. It can also customize the dressing shape for special grinding request. It is easy to learn and understand.

Grinding cycle diagram
Grinding wheel profile
Multi-plunge traverse grinding
Overview of grinding wheel profile
Grinding cycle

Notes: 1.By separate setting for grinding cycle, the grinding cycle can be divided into rough grinding, medium grinding fine grinding and spark-out grinding.
2.With an automatic measuring device for outer diameter(optional), the grinding volume can be set for plunge or angular grinding.

Grinding wheel dressing cycle

Notes: 1.Diamond dressers can be set up to 5.
2.There are five profile selections for grindind wheel dressing. Both sides can be dressed.
3.Support customized profile setting function with graphical display, up to 40 points.

Dimensions of CNC cylindrical grinder
SN 400 Series 600 Series 800 Series
A 1700 2100 2500
B 590 610 630
C 630 650 670
D 2920 3360 3800
E 355 555 755
F 495 695 895

Angular type GA27 Series

GP27-250CNC GP27-450CNC GP27-650CNC
Maximum grinding diameter mm 270
Distance between centers GP 250 450 650
Distance from spindle hole center to the slide mm 136

Maximum workpiece weight

kgs 120
Grinding wheel size mm ψ405x32~50xψ152.4(opt.ψ455x50~80xψ152.4)
Rotating speed of grinding wheel spindle rpm 1650(1890)
Maximum peripheral speed m/sec 35(45)m/sec
Wheel head
Feed angle deg GP=90,GA=60
Maximum feed rate mm 6m/min
Minimum setting unit mm 0.001
Total stroke mm 250
Head stock
Spindle speed rpm 10~600
Center taper MT MT4
Spindle through hole diameter mm 25
Sleeve stroke mm 30
Center taper MT MT4
Swivel angle deg -8~+11 -6~+9 -4~+7
Rapid traverse speed mm 6m/min
Minimum setting unit mm 0.001
Grinding wheel spindle motor hp 5(7.5)
Head stock motor kw 1.0(1.5)
Hydraulic motor for grinding wheel spindle hp 1/8
Coolant pump motor hp 1/4
X-axis feed servo motor kw 1.0(1.2)
Z-axis feed servo motor kw 1.5(1.8) 1.5(1.8) 1.5(1.8)
Control system
Net weight (approx.)
kgs 2600 3000 3400
Gross weight (approx.)
kgs 2800 3200 3600
Packing size(L*W*H)
mm 2400x1900x2000 2800x1900x2000 3200x1900x2000

*We reserve the right to modify any machine specifications without prior notice.

Standard accessories    
Grinding wheel and flange * 1 set Workpiece drive ring * 1 set Standard water tank and pump
Grinding wheel dismounting device * 1 Balancing stand and arbor * 1 set Grinding wheel inverter
Diamond dresser * 1 set MT4 center * 2 pieces Gap elimination anti-collision device
Toolbox * 1 set Heat exchanger in electric box Quartz work lamp
Optional accessories    
X-axis digital readout Manual 3-jaw chuck 2-point center rack
Z-axis digital readout Oil mist collector 3-point center rack
Outer diameter measuring device Magnetic separator Workpiece support rack
Automatic grinding wheel balancer Paper filter Grinding wheel suspending rack
Hydraulic tailstock Air conditioner in electric box Grinding wheel hanger
Manual 3-jaw chuck