CNC Internal External Grinding Complex Machine

  • Double Grinding Wheel Spindle Structure
  • Maximum Grinding Depth 150mm
  • FANUC Controller
  • Full Airtight Cover
Grinding Wheel Spindle (Z-axis and Z2-axis)

Innovative slider movement design significantly reducess interference during grinding.

The grinding spindle is driven by the hydraulic cylinder to position, while the extent of movement is controlled by a servo motor.

The speed of grinding spindle is Variable from 10000 RPM to 50000 RPM.

The maximum diameter wheel is up to 150mm, which greatly improves the machining effciency.

Z-axis and Z2-axis
Z-axis and Z2-axis
Z-axis and Z2-axis
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Grinding Wheel Specification
Dressing Settings
Operation Settings
Current Protection
Machining Settings
Grinding Mode
Grindind Condition
Z-axis and Z2-axis
Grinding diameter range Ø4~Ø240mm
Maximum grinding depth 150mm
Maximum swing range of workpiece Ø300mm
Swing range within waterproof cover Ø300mm
Control System
Controller FANUC
Spindle speed 0~1000
X-axis feed rate / maximum stroke 10 M/min / 350mm
X-axis maximum command unit 0.0001 mm
Workhead swiveling angle -5°~+15°
Z-axis feed rate 10 M/min
Z-axis maximum stroke 400+100 mm
Z-axis minimum command unit 0.0001 mm
Distance from spindle center to the ground 1060 mm
Hydraulic System
Oil tank capacity 30 L
Cooling System
Coolant tank capacity 150 L
Drive motor
Hydraulic motor 0.75 Kw (lHp) 
Cooling motor 0.37 Kw (1/4Hp) 
X, Z-axis servo motor X:1.2 Kw/ Z:1.2 Kw

Wheel motor (Kw)

Z-axis 2.2 ,2P(3Hp)
Z2-axis 2.2 ,2P(3Hp)
Workhead motor 2.2 ,4P(3Hp)
Automatic lubricator 2L
Machine size (length x width x height) - accessories 2500x2300x1700 mm
Machine weight 3200Kg
Standard accessories
CNC controller
X-axis workhead spindle motor inverter
Z -axis grinding spindle motor inverter
Z2 -axis grinding spindle motor inverter
Z -axis grinding spindle
Z2 -axis grinding spindle
Hydraulic chuck
Hydraulic rotary cylinder
Tri-color warning light
Working lamp
Tool box
Automatic lubricator
Coolant tank and pump
Paper filter
Electromagnetic chip conveyor
Hydraulic tank and pump
Heat exchanger of electrical cabinet
Diamond dresser
Foundation screws and pads
Machine and electrical operation manual
Full enclosure splash guard